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Tuition Program Member

Tuition Memberships are available for joining upon completion of the Introductory Package and the Foundation Package.    These memberships are monthly tuition programs which offer discounts on private lessons, which are written in twelve month increments.  Each membership includes 4 private lessons per month and discounts on larger comp packages.  If you have ever had a membership to a country club or gym, this is the same concept.  

Learning and becoming proficient at any skill requires a degree of goal setting and committment.   This is no different when it comes to learning to ballroom, latin, or swing dance. Memberships set a framework of setting goals and reaching those goals whilst rewarding the student along the way with discounts and incentives.

Tuition memberships also have additional priviledges.  Students who are Tuition Members and become proficient in dance due to their committment can be invited to join our Spotlight Formation Group.  Spotlight Formation is a more advanced group class in which all members learn routines which they may perform at various functions and competitions.  

Call 573-348-0773 for detailed information on pricing of current memberships.