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Amy, thanks for all your help making the dance lesson happen. Peter did a great job and made it so much fun!! Our whole family had a blast. 

Thanks again
Judy Stein, Omaha, NE

Good Morning!

I just wanted to let you know that I think that the father / daughter dance is great event.  Unfortunatley, my daughter is sick this week, so we won't be able to attend.  She is very dissappointed!   But we sure look forward to it next year!   

Have a great day!

Mr. B. Smith

Hi Amy and Peter, 

We had the BEST time ever!!! It was PERFECT in every way!!! You guys did such a great job hosting our wedding reception.

I really appreciate all your help to make this event happen and really went the extra mile for us and our guests! 

This was the ABSOLUTE BEST venue La Roca Club - Event Venue & Night Club!!! We had the most amazing time having our wedding reception at your venue! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!  Was such a great time, I am ready to do it again! Rewind button ??? HA!   It was so wonderful getting to know you guys and it was perfect location, perfect drinks, perfect food, perfect music and couldn’t have been a bit better ... cuz it was PERFECT!!! 
 La Roca is the HOTTEST Spot to have your wedding! Give them a call for your next event!  HIGHLY Recommended!
 Love you guys Amy Dickemann Hernandez & Peter!

Thank you so much again for allowing us to have such a magical place for our reception!  Big hugs & love!

The Christians 💕 😁

Thank you for hosting our meeting and assisting with the catering of the food.  Your facility and service well matched to our expectations.  It was wonderful!  We will be back. 


Mr. Kirn   -  Osage Beach, MO

Hi Amy and Peter,

So sorry the Sunday event was not able to be held but we want you to know how much we appreciate all that you do for the community, especially in this crazy time we find ourselves living in.  Hopefully next year we will be back to some kind of normal!

Thanks again,



Dear Amy and Peter,

Kudos, applause, applause for all your hard work and perseverance in planning and executing the CFO fundraising event last night.

It was a tremendous success with mucho thanks to all who helped getting things set up beginning at 10a.m. and working tirelessly through the evening.

Since this was my first one to witness , I was extremely impressed and so proud to be a part of this organization.

Thanks again to everyone...our Community is very blessed and  very proud of all your accomplishments .

Phyllis Marose


Thank you for all your hard work & wonderful organizational skills in leading CFL through to a very successful fundraiser.  It was a great night! 

A huge thank you to both you and Peter for hosting the event at your beautiful La Roca Club!

Jan Amos

Community Foundation of the Lake

La Roca Club hosted our company dinner event last week! From the facility to the food, we could not have asked for more. Both Peter and Amy were very attentive and went above and beyond to make our evening great. They are able to accommodate and customize to fit your needs. We will definitely utilize their services in the future!!

     -- April Tate, Vice President - Corporate Services

We recently hosted an engagement party for our daughter and future son-in-law at La Roca for 120+ guests of all ages from around the USA and the world! Moscow Mules were the drink of choice from the bar. Both the indoor and outdoor space was utilized for games, eating, dancing and visiting to make for an extremely fun celebration. Our daughter said “It exceeded all her expectations!” And guests agreed it was an amazing “Party in the USA”! Thank you to Peter and Amy for making it happen at their beautiful venue!Cheers!

Dennis and I love Amy and Peter, and the club. We are actually learning to dance! Never thought I would say those words. They are patient, kind, and professional. We now call them friends.

The BEST event yet!  Way to go CFL. 

Compton-Slaughter Wedding 2016                                                                                                                         

We used Amy and Peter Hernandez for our wedding and could not be happier!  Peter did a wonderful job putting together our first dance with our chosen song. He came up with the idea to use various versions of the song and he put so much effort into making the edit just perfect!  The dance was a huge hit and people are still talking about it.  I ended up loving ballroom dancing so much, I started taking private classes. Amy was our day of wedding coordinator.  She was very professional and knew the wedding industry at the lake very well.  I had planned almost everything, but she was able to give me guidance and suggestions on things I didn’t think of.   She had a great balance of ideas from her experience, yet still executing things in the way we envisioned.   She made it about what we wanted.  When the wedding day arrived, it was a relief of stress knowing Amy was there to take care of everything.   If someone had a questions, we would send them to Amy so we didn’t have to deal with the stress.  She moved things around from the church to the reception, and kept track of things at the reception.  She kept track of all the details so we could just enjoy the day.  She even did something I forgot to ask her I wanted to do!   I was so happy when I saw the  silk rose petals on the reception tables, and I completely forgot that is what I had intended to do.   Amy just knew that is probably what we wanted and did it!  She had such a long day,  but you couldn’t tell,  she was always happy and willing to take on any little or big thing that came her way that day.   I would absolutely recommend Amy to anyone planning a wedding to be your coordinator!      


Hi Amy!  We wanted to share this photo with you that our wedding photographer, Jo Johnson, captured. Thank you so much for making time to help us with our first dance. We practiced a lot and had the attention of the room captured. Thank you for helping us look so good!!  We appreciate you and hope you have an awesome year ahead.  


Sydney Liesmann

Relieves Stress and Anxiety:  

Built up stress can weaken the immune system and lead to disease among other complications. Dance has been used by therapists and other professionals among many cultures to alleviate stress, reduce tension, and eliminate anxiety.  Self-expression and physial movement allow the body and mind to forget all worries.  

Escape From Reality & Channel Your Inner Star:  
La Roca Club will take you on a journey to a world where music and self-expression create an alternate reality that revolves around your happiness. We will do our best to make your dance fantasy come true.  

Explore Your Creativity:  
The music is your paint, your body is your paintbrush, the dance floor is your canvas, and La Roca Dance is your inspiration. Let us help you get your creative juices flowing.  

Relax & Unwind:  
Let the music take over as you let the day and the worries flow away, feeling freedom & comfort in your partner's arms.  Allow your muscles to breathe and realease all tension as we sweep you off your feet.  

Strengthen Your Mind:  

A 21-year study by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine proved that ballroom dancing, specifically, is the best way to prevent neurological degeneration such as Alzheimer's disease. "Making rapid-fire decisions and movements in social dancing increases neural network connectivity and overall intelligence."  

La Roca: Best of two worlds! Challenging AND fun. Peter & Amy are true to the impeccable technique professional dance demands....& so deserves. To settle for less would be tragic/unthinkable. My first dance to even a basic waltz touched my soul a bit. Excited for what's to come.

Working with Amy and Peter at LaRoca was indeed a fun and beneficial learning experience. Thank you!

Peter & Amy, we appreciate for your time and patience in helping us prepare for the Dancing at the Lake Chamber event. Tango was definitely not our first choice as the seriousness of the dance seems opposite of our personalities; however we loved the dance, our characters, and will remember the night forever. All of the couples did a great job. What a fun event!  We look forward to continuing our weekly date night lessons and learning new dances. It is a great escape from our hectic lives of business and family. Our lessons go by so quickly and are our favorite hour of the week! GO TEAM TANGO!!! 

Just wanted to let you know that the 5th Engineers were very pleased with the dance instruction sessions and how you incorporated its similarities to their married life. They are planning on having more retreats so I will surely keep you posted if they decide to incorporate dance instructions in the retreat’s agenda. My thanks to you!

One of the best decisions we made for our wedding was to get dance lessons at La Roca. Peter & Amy were so patient with us and very encouraging. They worked hard to get us all the time we needed as we scheduled it less than 6 weeks from the date. One of us had two left feet, but Peter & Amy never made us feel like it. They choreographed a dance and we really “wowed” our guests. We wanted to entertain our friends and family and Peter & Amy made that possible. Our guests told us “It was the best first dance they had ever seen”. Of all the money spent on flowers, linens, décor…the dance was the most memorable for everyone. Having a choreographed dance made us feel like the King and Queen of the ball. It really was the most magical part of the evening.

Peter & Amy are great instructors and are diligently working to teach this old dog some new tricks; memorizing patterns remains a challenge for me, unless I sync a specific piece of a choreographed routine with a location on the dance floor---liked your suggestion to do whatever works and adjust my start position for dance floor size/layout to maintain LOD. I definitely benefited from your help; examples---tripod foot placement for weight distribution on cross-overs to stabilize my balance, plus wind-up to pop my free arm for flare, TANGO dance position/drag-in technique and definitely the trick for setting the proper torso frame/erect head and my hand/arm position/contact with my partner in closed dance position. 

We have taken dance lessons at La Roca with Peter and Amy Hernandez for 4 years, taking both private and group lessons over the years. They have helped us develop a confidence in dancing that we never thought possible. Dancing has helped us get in shape physically, challenged us mentally, and introduced us to a social network of other dancers. We hope to continue dancing for many years to come. We feel fortunate to have the La Roca Dance Studio with talented professional instructors available to us at the Lake of the Ozarks.

We enjoy taking dance lessons from La Roca dance studio for several different reasons. Amy is very patient & reviews the steps to keep us from being lost before she teaches something new. She breaks down the steps & counts it for you. Peter challenges us & pushes us to do things we never thought we could do; there is never a "dumb question" with either of them; they're always willing to go over it again until you get it. We like the combination of their teaching styles to make us dance our best!

It's fair to say that Amy and Peter performed miraculously for our wedding! We not only chose to do it over the busy Memorial Day weekend, but also elected to do it at our home, which complicated matters exponentially. What's even more amazing, is they did it in six weeks! Through it all, they provided a steady hand of guidance that reassured us that all would be fine -- weather permitting. From the original site planning to Peter's music selection, it exceeded our demanding expectations. In the end, we had a storybook wedding celebration that could not have been improved upon. Our deep thanks and appreciation to the whole team Amy assembled for their hard work and legendary accomplishment.  

We want to tell you how much we have enjoyed taking dance lessons from you. We are amazed at how much we have learned in the little time we have been taking lessons from you. We look forward to going to different dances now that we can dance. We have been told by many of our friends that we are better dancers than we were when they first met us. We look forward to learning much more and maybe even entering some dance contests if you think you can get us to that level. We intend to continue taking lessons so that we will continue to look better on the dance floor. We really liked being a part of the Forget Me Not Ball and the Cha Cha number we did.

Thank you both for everything! We loved taking the dance lessons and can’t wait to continue. Everything at the wedding was perfect (there are always little issues) but we had nothing major that the guests realized!! You both made the day and evening into everything we wanted. Thank you for being there to deal with everything – it made it so much easier on us. We had such a great time. We can’t thank you enough. Everyone keeps saying how they loved the Dance!! We did it!!! Thanks again -You guys were great. 

Over the course of the past two years I have had the opportunity to utilize Peter and Amy Hernandez to plan and coordinate two special events for me.  The first event was a staff reward luncheon to include a dance lesson.  Peter and Amy prepared a delicious meal to be enjoyed at tables for two decorated for the occasion.  Staff were pleasantly surprised at the special attention and raved about the meal and the setting.  The dance lesson topped off the event as a truly great time.

The second event was a wedding shower.  I can only describe the table settings as elegant demonstrating to the guest of honor how special she was.  Once again the meal was prepared by Peter and Amy and was delicious.  They also arranged for a professionally prepared and decorated cake to top off the meal and presented it at a special dessert table. They then allowed us time to open gifts and take pictures making this a truly memorable event for the bride-to-be. 

To summarize, I would like to point out the special touches Peter and Amy add to the event are what keep me coming back for more.  Everything is done in a professional fashion making a statement that this is a classy affair.  I would recommend Peter and Amy to anyone with a special event in their future.

Peter and Amy, Thank you for once again hosting a beautiful evening of entertainment and fundraising for the Alzheimer's Association! We appreciate the long hours and the tremendous effort that goes into planning this event each year. Your dedication is obvious and your efforts are so, so appreciated! 

Amy and Peter, Saturday night was my first experience attending the Forget Me Not Ball. Wow, what an experience. As a Board Member of the Mid-Missouri Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association, not only am I grateful for all that you and your colleagues have done for the cause, but also, I can see why attendance at the 2nd annual was higher than the first, and after watching the two of you, and the others perform, I am confident that the 3rd annual will raise the bar further. Due to your tireless work and commitment, this is an outstanding world-class event. Thank you so much. I will also be recommending your Dance Studio to every person who ever says, “I wish I could dance like that,” or some such remark. You guys are great.

Amy and Peter, The Forget Me Not Ball was fabulous; the best one yet!  I do believe there is a buzz at the lake about the event and it appears that you have some terrific supporters stepping forward to help.  Congratulations for a job very well done! Thank you so much for your continuing support of the Alzheimer's Association and of the services and support we have available to help families and individuals living with this disease.  We certainly need all the help we can find to help us spread the word that the Association is available to provide those services in the lake area and the Ball and the two of you do an outstanding job of increasing that awareness. We appreciate, both, the financial support and the awareness support. I hope you pat yourselves on the back!  You're terrific!

Amy and Peter, Pat and I want to say thanks for a wonderful weekend of events. Both of you should be proud of the efforts you and your students put into making it the success it was.  And speaking of your students they were very kind and gracious and made us feel at home. My only "complaint" is with Peter dancing salsa with Pat. She very much enjoyed it and now has expectations for me. Certainly not to match the skill level, but to at least attempt it.  I maintain that men on the north side of 55 should be exempt from dancing salsa. We look forward to next year's event.  And good luck to your students getting ready for Heart of America in August.

I wanted to say that Camillia and I enjoyed our weekend.  We appreciate you letting us use your seats.  The Ball was excellent.  The students looked great, as did the professionals.  I liked how everything was upbeat and included open dancing during parts of the show.  We felt the west coast dancers added a different flavor to the evening and thought their performance was fun.  Kiki and Magda were great and it was good to see several different dance styles and costumes.  As always, you and Peter were awesome! Great job!  Thanks for all that you do in the community.

Saturday was an amazing night.  We have been to 4-5 Forget Me Not Balls and it was, by far, the best one we have attended.  Even my 87 year old mother-in-law and 6 yr. old granddaughter were impressed.  However, I did want to apologize for my behavior during the months of practice for our group.  If I am given a choice of things to do, like golf, fishing, Cardinal BB, Mizzou fb., woodworking, or dance, I think you probably know where dance fits into my list of priorities.  On the other hand my wife loves to dance.  Hence, a conflict.  Obviously, her list would look different than mine.  As a result of being married, it is necessary to compromise, and sometimes it's hard to do.  I think you know Angie well enough by now that she has a gift of being "persistent" or another way to say it, "a pain in the ass". Most women would have given up by now and let me do my own thing (not Angie). I want to thank you and Peter for being so patient, supportive, and encouraging even though I probably had a scowl on my face most of the time.  I have learned a lot from the two of you and hope to be a better student in the future (if Angie drags me kicking and screaming to another class).  I actually had a lot of fun dancing our routine Saturday night!  It's true. Again, thanks for inviting us to part of the group.  I'm sure there were days when you thought these "old-timers" will never learn this routine.  It was a very interesting experience!

Amy and Peter, What an impressive event!!!!!  Everything about the evening was soooooo nice, and well done by all. Thank you all for the hard work and effort involved with this event.  It is greatly appreciate by all in the community and beyond our area.