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Youth Dance Lessons

La Roca Club generally caters to adults.  However, we do offer lessons to youth.  

 Ballroom dance lessons provide a great opportunity for children to start learning in a fun environment!  Lessons are 30 minutes to 50 minutes depending on the child's age.  

Dance lessons can teach your children discipline and focus as well as improve their flexibility, coordination, motor skills and endurance. Most importantly, dance classes enhance self-esteem and self-expression!  

La Roca KIDS lessons are designed with an instructor who is highly interactive and continues to keep the class gently structured to enhance your child's creative expression. Poise, etiquette, and dance techniques are integrated in fun and age appropriate ways so that children truly enjoy their experience. We encourage both boys and girls to enroll.  

  • Affordable prices to give all kids the opportunity to express themselves through dance
  • Proper dance attire and shoes are required for all lessons to ensure each child's attention is on the teaching of the class and not what their peers are wearing.